Thursday, July 5, 2012

22 gone on 23

Exactly two hours left for my birthday. Oh, should you know, I take birthdays very seriously. Its like, something as sacred as the Sunday Mass. Yes, you have to attend it if you are a faithful friend, admirer, family member (these don't have an option), or whatever or whoever. And as I sit anticipating an avalanche (and nothing short) of wishes and just a light breeze of gifts appropriate, I muse over the year I had... the 22nd year on earth. Quite a year, that was. I think I really have grown. I have known disappointments and failures, but above all I learnt how to deal with them.

1. I came to realize humility beats every thing to dust, and no matter how big you grow up to be, a strong hold on the ground is more endearing than any pinnacles of success you might ever reach.

2. I learnt the sad truth about change, the fact that, its the only thing constant. I saw people change overnight, I also saw fortunes following the same trend. And yes, while change in them both is intimidating, it is overwhelming, but at the end of day, every high tide subsides.

3. I learnt no matter how technologically advanced or sophisticated we may become, laws of nature have governed us and will continue to do so.

4. I have loved and lost. I have sworn off love and have seen myself blush crimson when someone out of the blue was able to touch my deepest chords.

5. I knew that life is what you take it to be, and when the going gets tough, the only way for the tough to get going is to hold on! I learnt just how much "hanging in there" helps.

6. I learnt that loneliness is a haunting disease, it plagues you anywhere and everywhere, but then, solitude is something which can conquer the dread.

7. I learnt physical pain is all engrossing, and it can literally make you forget everything that has been mentally harassing you. Not to say, physical pain is the resort to deal with emotional pain, but then, of the worse I have the bad lot most of the time, and I should just be thankful.

8. I learnt that people love you the most when you don't bother what they might be thinking of you.

9. I learnt a little bit of distance always becomes the saving grace.

10.  I learnt we all are as ugly, as fat, as pathetic, as lonely, as broken in the inside. The only difference is how gladly do we manage to smile despite all that.

11. I learnt that no matter what happens, there is a power higher than any you may have come across, that cares for you and keeps you blessed.

12. I learnt that whatever your talents are, however small or insignificant they may seem to you, there is someone in the world who would value them, and value them for good.

13.  I learnt that the present, more often than not, is all you have, and the best time of your life is now.

14. I learnt that gymming doesn't work if you don't diet simultaneously. I also learnt that no matter how miserably you fail at losing weight, you will always manage to turn on someone on this earth, and thats quite something.

15. I learnt if something that you desperately wished for doesn't happen, its basically because life has something grander in store. And yes, I learnt, if you think things can't get any better or worse, thats just your lack of imagination.

Yes, thats quite a lot for a year, and what a year that was!
Time of my life!

Here on, I welcome another year, hoping it to teach me more, and transform me into a still better person.

Happy Birthday ME!

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