Saturday, May 12, 2012

All for Love

I'll paint my lips red.
Pinch my cheeks for a rouge
Put on the lashes that never were mine,
And flutter my eyes out of love-
The only thing pure, love becomes me.

I'll hold my breath in
For my collar bones to stick out
Let my bosom assume another shape
And I'll become what I am not-
For the love so pure that it becomes me.

I'll wear the suffocating corsets,
Don myself in lace and satin,
Do my hair as fashion commands-
I'll change my countenance for the love-
Purity of which restores me, it becomes me.

I'll laugh at the lame jokes
Bend my neck at just the right angle
Heave a sigh when none is required
And I'll let it be known, that its love-
So pure, that it becomes me.

I'll go that one extra mile, thinking little-
Won't weigh my actions against the odds,
For love is what overpowers me,
Mitigates my superficiality, I supposed-
Would evoke a pure love in you too.

But while, my love, pure as it is, becomes me
Your love, ephemeral as it is, bids adieu,
When I drop the charade -
How completely lost is love to you?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Road Not Taken

Sneering, they tell me -
"What you do is not meaningful.
Think, what a decade later would you be?
Accolades hoarded so far, only abysmal".

Truth they say, not forged their decree.
Meaning not immanent in my endeavours-
Meaning which only they foresee,
The only life manifest in those "now's or never's".

The world they inhabit offers solace 
To undying obedience and a bowed head
A noose charades for a pearl necklace,
Laurels due to servants thoroughbred.

Anarchist you turn, challenge you dare
"Down with the autocrat", factions instigate!
These servants sting you with venomous stare
Duped loyalists! your life they debilitate.

Meaning of it all, they demand to know,
Why this perjury, whereto bound the wayward-
Why not sow the same seed, the same plough?
What end is your life heading toward?

Do they know the shallow meaning,
To which, solemnly they themselves adhere?
Do they know every willed act of their's
Is but ordained by a greater profiteer?

Glad then I am, for no such meaning abounds
In a life I lead, in the decisions I undertake,
The truth in me, to me my life expounds
What happens otherwise, is not for me to partake.

Unchartered is my path to the Promised Land,
Though doubt and uncertainties cause dismay.
If its the "Road Not Taken" for me,
Then, its the Road not Taken, all the way.