Saturday, May 12, 2012

All for Love

I'll paint my lips red.
Pinch my cheeks for a rouge
Put on the lashes that never were mine,
And flutter my eyes out of love-
The only thing pure, love becomes me.

I'll hold my breath in
For my collar bones to stick out
Let my bosom assume another shape
And I'll become what I am not-
For the love so pure that it becomes me.

I'll wear the suffocating corsets,
Don myself in lace and satin,
Do my hair as fashion commands-
I'll change my countenance for the love-
Purity of which restores me, it becomes me.

I'll laugh at the lame jokes
Bend my neck at just the right angle
Heave a sigh when none is required
And I'll let it be known, that its love-
So pure, that it becomes me.

I'll go that one extra mile, thinking little-
Won't weigh my actions against the odds,
For love is what overpowers me,
Mitigates my superficiality, I supposed-
Would evoke a pure love in you too.

But while, my love, pure as it is, becomes me
Your love, ephemeral as it is, bids adieu,
When I drop the charade -
How completely lost is love to you?

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. A degree of crave not many can relate to.